A space where you will be listened to

Relationships Advice can help you

I can offer you counselling where you will be listened to, attentively and patiently. I will help you understand your problems, past, present or future and will work with you to find a solution which will benefit you.

Depending on what you want to achieve from counselling, you will feel a positive change. Sometimes I work with a specific problem and sometimes I’ve been known to transform people’s lives for the better. At times counselling can be challenging, even cathartic but I’m with you every step of the way, I will always ensure that you feel safe, understood and most importantly not on your own.



A safe space where you will not be judged


A safe place to think and reflect


What to expect from your first session.

I will not tell you what to do or direct you into a specific course of action. No counsellor should do that. You are the expert in your life not the counsellor, I will help you understand and help you weigh up all your options from all sides helping you decide on what is best for you.

On your first session we will discuss your expectations from counselling, I am a trained psychotherapist and we will discuss what  I can help you with, I will discuss all the ethical issues with you such as contracting, ethical boundaries and the best times for the sessions. In the session you will be exploring various aspects of your personal life in detail and the first session is a good time to check if you feel you can work with me and that I can work with you. From your first session, and in consequent sessions, we will explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours in an open and honest way. Feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger and grief are emotions you can rarely chat openly about with friends. Our sessions offer you an opportunity to understand and explore these feelings further in an environment which is safe and caring.

You will be building a therapeutic relationship with me as your counsellor, you will be opening yourself up to me  and it will become a confidential and close working relationship. As a qualified psychotherapist I will manage and nurture our relationship. For your peace of mind I work to a strict code of conduct and follow the BACP code of ethics ensuring that the relationship remains ethical at all times.


Confidential, experienced, trusted